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Date: Thu, 15 Jun 2006 16:06:10 GMT
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>> Salesman stole my copy of RM/V2, no idea why.  Out-of-print now, not to
>> be found in any library I've searched.

> I think I saw some used ones for sale for about 200$ advertised on Amazon.
> Have you tried some university library ?
>> Maybe somebody could quote what  it says about glue!

> Sorry, but I don't remember the page. I think I read about this "glue" last
> week. I would search it if you really want, but there are entire chapters
> dedicated to this matter from what I've read until now.

If Codd used the word glue I imagine it might have been as a synonym for coherence, which I could buy if I knew his context.

Based on previous visits, one of the two university libraries here sucks. I was only having fun with the word - made me think of databases held together with post-its, paper clips and binder twine (which some probably are), if somebody thinks it's important, maybe there should be a thread titled "Where's the glue?"! But maybe that's a better question for an OO group!

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