Re: Programming is the Engineering Discipline of the Science that is Mathematics

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Date: 7 Jun 2006 04:51:00 -0700
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Cimode wrote:
> make a distinction between logic and math. What
> better than math validates logic?

I didn't intend to make this distinction here; I thought you were. If not, never mind. I'd say your question is reversed, though - the better statement might be that logic validates math, rather than vice versa.

> I would not say that I try to avoid overestimate mathematicians or
> people who do math to prove a point. Math can prove false things
> because of its *admitted* axioms are falses.

Axioms are just statements assumed to be true. It's when you try to correlate them with some other system (e.g. some perception of the "real world") that true/false appears. Axioms can be inconsistent with one another, which is why they're normally developed to be orthogonal to one another.

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