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From: paul c <>
Date: Fri, 21 Apr 2006 00:23:06 GMT
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Bob Badour wrote:
> ...
> With all due respect, Codd introduced the relational model as a means to
> elevate the level of discourse of database management. Imprecise use of
> language is less excusable the more elementary the purpose.
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All I remember about Codd is hearing him talk at length about Christie Brinkley's 'phone number. He was very concerned about keys (and for the 'bloody eejits' out there I'm not making fun of anything he said). Not many people I've met even less briefly could give insight into so-called elementary thoughts. I was too intimidated to ask him any questions, even in the 'loo, but I knew less then than I know now, which in this case I don't consider progress.

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