Re: Storing data and code in a Db with LISP-like interface

From: x <>
Date: Thu, 20 Apr 2006 13:34:07 +0300
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> Avoid anything with the words 'semantic' or 'meaning' in the title.

That would be a foolish thing to do. :-) You see what I mean ?

> Computers simply do not do meaning, and anyone who tells you otherwise
> does not fully understand the concepts (Berners-Lee for example).

Computers are mean to us sometimes when they should be just a mean to calculate some mean. :-)
You see what I mean ?

> As
> far as RM/T is concerned, imo that which is invented in Tasmania ought
> be left in Tasmania.

I liked the cartoon character Tasmanian Devil :-) Received on Thu Apr 20 2006 - 12:34:07 CEST

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