Re: MV Keys

From: Marshall Spight <>
Date: 2 Mar 2006 09:51:43 -0800
Message-ID: <>

David Cressey wrote:
> "Marshall Spight" <> wrote in
> > An n-ary tuple is an n-ary relation whose cardinality is constrained to
> > be exactly 1. Lots of people hate this idea, but it seems to work
> > very well.
> Hmmm.....
> The Pick folks say that a simple datum is a multivalue list with only one
> list element.
> I'm not sure I buy either one.

Ha! In any event, this idea is not for sale. :-)

Of all the ideas that Dawn has mentioned over the years, the one I find most intriguing is the idea that MV can handle cardinality changes easily. This is annoyingly hard in SQL. (Not prohibitively hard, but still hard.)

Again, though, this is design and not theory.

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