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Date: 20 Feb 2006 17:09:21 -0800
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Mark Johnson wrote:
> "x" <> wrote:
> >"Roy Hann" <specially_at_processed.almost.meat> wrote in message
> >
> >> "x" <> wrote in message news:dtcjfn$f87$
> >Well, the slippery part is not that amusing after a while.
> >> I am more inclined to read it as just the usual witless gaff of noticing
> >> that the bounding box of a printed representation of a table has length
> >> width and leaping to the conclusion that a table is therefore
> >> two-dimensional; planar: flat.
> Then I certainly stand to be corrected. I thought the relation was
> thought to be essentially an unordered set or list of entities, and
> nothing more.

A tuple does not equate to an entity, in fact far from it.

< It exists by itself without any connection to what
> otherwise is known to be related information, until some links are
> added.

This paragraph reads ambiguously. The links allowing relations to be joined are implicit - but links nonetheless.

> And the question was how is that suitable for representing a
> nested markup language?
> >In other thread Mark complained about the slippery aspect of RM if I recall
> >it correctly.
> What "slippery aspect of RM" do you "recall", exactly?
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