Re: How to determine database market share?

From: knorth <>
Date: 6 Nov 2005 14:56:05 -0800
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> Now show me the breakdown of how much of the IBM business is from
> non-RDMBS tools (that do not speak SQL as their first language) and how
> much from RDBMS's.

The Gartner figures for 2004 show a slight difference in market share between Oracle and IBM. According to Gartner, the difference between IBM and Oracle's RDBMS revenues in 2004 was less than $30 million.

> And are you thinking that more or less than 50% of
> IBM's slice is DB2? I would really like to know that.

1. IMS revenues have been growing since 2000 2. That Gartner chart is a comparison of IBM and Oracle's RDBMS revenues.

> Where does mySQL fall in here when it doesn't take "market" the same
> way (depending on def, it isn't in this market, but if you are looking
> at the dbms market in order to work in a related area, you might want
> to know how much database activity is tied to it).

mySQL's revenue last year was $40 million.

> The questions I have about how much of the database market uses open
> source and how much uses non-SQL-based approaches are not answered by a
> chart like this

Computing trends presentation with more detail (e.g., open source downloads)
programming languages, .NET vs J2EE, etc.):
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