Re: Modelling objects with variable number of properties in an RDBMS

From: VC <>
Date: Sun, 6 Nov 2005 09:27:02 -0500
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"FrankHamersley" <> wrote in message news:Xknbf.10240$
> VC wrote:

>> As I said before, replacing SQL Server with another db was not an option
>> due to non-technical reasons.
> I always find it somewhat incongruous that ppl will go to the lengths they
> do to generate high quality data (presumably using expensive lab
> equipment) to underpin an analysis and then sell themselves short on the
> extra-lab stuff.

It's often the case that peolpe making buying decisions are not receptive to technical arguments, or even cost-benefit analysis.

> Its like buying an SL 65 AMG and then trying to service it with a pair of
> shifting spanners to avoid the cost of buying the factory toolkit. The
> same ppl wouldn't countenance that, but they happily deploy the wrong DBMS
> in their workplace.
> Cheers, Frank.
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