Re: dbdebunk 'Quote of Week' comment

From: Frank_Hamersley <>
Date: Sat, 20 Aug 2005 08:00:26 GMT
Message-ID: <uqBNe.5356$>

"-CELKO-" <> wrote
> I read that the average age of an Internet user is now in his/her 40's
> and that it just tipped to 51% female. I guess we are the extreme end
> of the curve. My topper is: "Have you ever wired plug boards?"

Yep - just small kits - never been paid to do it (perhaps a sign of frustrated elec engineer)!

I used to marvel at the Cyber 73 in use at my first real employment. The backplane was actually a mat of wire wraps so thick you couldn't see the substrate - admittedly it was wired by a robot - but impressive nonetheless.

> The problem is not surrogate keys -- read Codd's definition. The
> system handles them, just like it would an index, and hide it.
> The problem is IDENTITY and attempting to use it as a surrogate key.

This is a very succinct way of describing the real problem.

Cheers Frank. Received on Sat Aug 20 2005 - 10:00:26 CEST

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