Re: Eliminating Nulls

From: paul c <>
Date: Fri, 01 Jul 2005 18:17:47 GMT
Message-ID: <fNfxe.1847064$6l.992031_at_pd7tw2no>

-CELKO- wrote:

>>>But i've never come across a "null" in the "real world" either.  <<

> Sure you have -- well, unless you are omniscient :) I have an arrival
> and departure date for any visit. Some one is still here so their
> departure is NULL (unknown, to-be-determined, known only to be after
> arrival, etc.). Thre is a lot of rtheory, especially in Stats, abut
> missing data.

i'd say data about something that may well not happen is hardly missing. seems a little premature to try to put it into a database.

scheduled departure is a different matter, unless we're talking about death.

don't see what 'Stats' has to do with it.

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