Re: Does Codd's view of a relational database differ from that ofDate&Darwin?[M.Gittens]

From: Gene Wirchenko <>
Date: Tue, 21 Jun 2005 13:46:08 -0700
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On 17 Jun 2005 18:43:51 -0700, "Marshall Spight" <> wrote:

>Alexandr Savinov wrote:
>> I would say: "Avoid iterations if you know how". But your answer is:
>> "You must use iterations (even if you know how to avoid them" because it
>> is our religion".
>Good grief, I can't believe I wasted 5 minutes of my life talking with
>this fellow.
>I have however two consolations:
>1) He's going to spend the next two years of his life on an idea that
>will take him nowhere.

     Or more.

>2) He's Quote of the Week on!

     I submitted that. It struck me as a particularly good example of a bad example.

>> So your notes are rather irrelevant.
>Just because you didn't understand them doesn't mean they're

     True, but try convincing him of that. Better yet, do not.


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