Re: So let me get this right: (Was: NFNF vs 1NF ...)

From: David Cressey <>
Date: Tue, 15 Feb 2005 14:38:13 GMT
Message-ID: <pPnQd.2789$>

"DBMS_Plumber" <> wrote in message

> So much for our dramatic personae.
> Now it ought to be obvious by now that I fit into the small anarchist
> wing of the relational faith; those who don't wanna do databases cos'
> databases, being at the very bottom of that stack I mentioned earlier,
> are usually the last dumping ground for all the crap generated by the
> layers above. (Footnote: This scatologic theme helps explain why I've
> gone with the whole 'Plumber' theme. There are moments when I have
> wanted to reach from my vantage point in the basement, back up that
> that pipe to the orifice from which came the source of my current
> misery, and turn some "Schema? What schema?" punk inside out, but I
> digress.)

Be careful what you say, my friend with the lead pipes.

There is a circle in Hell reserved for the two tribes who endlessly roll a huge boulder back and forth, doing an exercise that makes Sysiphus look like a slacker.

Dante assigned this level to the hoarders and the wasters, but that was because he wasn't familiar with the various "new paradigms" that keep popping up through the cracks that live 'round here.

The real denizens of the "the ball is in your court" gangs are the "information hiders" and the "data sharers".

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