Re: Table design for application options

From: Neo <>
Date: 22 Dec 2004 13:33:34 -0800
Message-ID: <>

> > what do you consider to be a value?
> ... I define it as an individual constant. Note that I take things
> like domains, relations, and tuples to be values.

Is a value fundamentally a constant or a thing? What would be examples of non-constants or non-things? Would a person named John be a constant if his age is constantly changing?

> .. my complete disdain for any form of MV database model...

Based on your experience, I can see your viewpoint about MV products. What do you consider to be the is most prominent characteristic of the MV model itself? What is the most significant error or limitation of the MV model itself? Received on Wed Dec 22 2004 - 22:33:34 CET

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