Re: First Impressions on Using Alphora's Dataphor

From: Jonathan Leffler <>
Date: Fri, 27 Aug 2004 05:36:41 GMT
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Laconic2 wrote:
> What is the difference, if any, between UDTs and the domains
> generated by "CREATE DOMAIN" in some RDBMs and, I think, now
> included in the SQL standard?

The CREATE DOMAIN in standard SQL (well, SQL-92, but these things usually don't change much) is a pitiful, neutered non-entity, at least if C J Date is to be believed (and, from what little I know of CREATE DOMAIN, I believe him).

To a crude approximation, the difference is between a full type and a sort of shorthand for a built-in type plus possibly a check constraint which can be dropped even when columns that were defined using the domain name still exist in the database.

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