Re: How to model searchable properties of an entity

From: Peter Koch Larsen <>
Date: Tue, 24 Aug 2004 11:56:27 +0200
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I´m sory - somehow a line was deleted from my posting, so I fix it here:
> Seems that there is some psychological problem about it. OO
> Programmers feel good if they have all their data in a single "object", no
> matter how complex that objects is and of how many sub-objects it is
> composed of.

Well... that certainly depends on the programmer. In my opinion, an object should contain information about what the object is about and nothing else. This is quite the same thing as a relational normal form and leads to the same thing: one object becomes separated into several objects.

> To them, a row in a relational table is
> a kind of "object",

Again I believe you are wrong. To many of us a a row is more like the boost::tuple, and that name should ring a familiar bell to you.
> so they feel uncomfortable if data is spread over several rows.
> Joining these rows together appears a clumsy operation to
> them, though it's logically a simple operation and also not necessarily
> a slow one. (Though it may sometimes be slow in practice)

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