Re: Timeless Classics of Software Engineering

From: Rene de Visser <>
Date: Wed, 11 Aug 2004 13:09:56 +0200
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"Phlip" <> wrote in message news:NUiSc.1341$ > rem642b wrote:
> > I agree. That's one of the winning things about interactive languages
> > such as LISP. When I write LISP code, I unit-test one line at a time as
> > I write it. When I have finished all the lines of a function, I
> > unit-test that function for each of the different kinds of situation it
> > must deal with. I include all my unit-tests as comments just after the
> > end of the function definition, so later if I need to change that
I leave my unit tests in uncommented so that they execute after each function is compiled,
that way I can be that they are applied each time.

This cannot always been done though, as some tests can take a long time to run if you are testing a
large number of input combinations.

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