Re: Object Class and Data Type

From: Alfredo Novoa <>
Date: 31 Mar 2004 02:44:38 -0800
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"Tom Hester" <$$> wrote in message news:<69458$4069acab$45033832$>...

> As usual, you don't know what you are talking about.

Thanks, coming from you that is a complaiment.

> There is no single
> base type in .Net;

Object Class

"Supports all classes in the .NET Framework class hierarchy and provides low-level services to derived classes. This is the ultimate base class of all classes in the .NET Framework; it is the root of the type hierarchy."

Source: MSDN Library.


System.Object is the root of the type hierarchy.

> rather there is a set: int, Vector, etc.

Those types don't exist in the .Net Framework, but the type System.Int32 exists and it is a descendant of System.ValueType like all the value types.

> You are
> confusing the type with the class that contains it.

Classes are types.

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