Re: Distributed foreign keys (was Re: Category Types)

From: Jonathan Leffler <>
Date: Tue, 08 Jul 2003 05:03:44 GMT
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Paul Vernon wrote:
> Assuming the type INTEGERS_0-2^32 is already know to the DBMS (say as a
> relational expression over some inbuilt BIT type?), then
> INTEGER_0-2^32_INTERVALS could be defined by
> INSERT INTO RE_TYPES ( Type_Name, Type_RE_Defn)
> , "SELECT i.i as Bound_Lower, j.i as Bound_Upper
> FROM INTEGERS_0-2^32 i, INTEGERS_0-2^32 j
> WHERE i.i >= j.i"
> )


That says i.i is the lower bound, but it must be greater than or equal to the j.i, the upper bound?

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