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From: Enu <>
Date: Mon, 12 May 2003 20:37:25 GMT
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I'm not familiar with "materialize path". Is that where you just have a column that says something like "" to denote the second child of the fifth child of the first child of the second child of the first item?

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>> I'm making some forum software using PHP and MySQL that's quite a bit
>> like a Usenet group (i.e. threads). The data won't change much, and
>> the program is very dependent on being able to count the number of
>> descendants of any post (which is very slow with adjacency tables), so
>> I want to use nested sets. Still, for when a post is added directly
>> into the tree, I haven't been able to find any optimized examples of
>> how to do this. I'm sure there's some sort of spiffy mathematical
>> solution of INSERT and UPDATE statements that can append a child to a
>> node and update the left and right values of the affected nodes.
>> Could somebody point me in the right direction? Thanks!
>You either use persistent labeling schema, such as materialized path, or
>volatile labeling such as nested sets. Admitedly, with persistent labeling
>schema quering number of children is not as trivial as with nested sets. But
>it is still easy -- it's index range scan! I never saw a thread bigger than
>1000 messages. Comparing to the whole usenet volume it's a pretty selective
>range scan.
>They do have indexes in MySQL, do they?-)
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