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From: Pablo Sanchez <pablo_at_dev.null>
Date: Sat, 15 Mar 2003 16:40:55 -0600
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>> > According to Dennis Shasha's and Philippe Bonnet's recent update,

> _Database
>> > Tuning: Principles, Experiments, and Troubleshooting Techniques_, to
>> > Shasha's earlier book, a product called kdb physically stores tables
>> > as arrays of the columns.
>> Until I see a TPC-C with such a product, it's not on my radar screen.

> With all due respect, Pablo. Isn't that the "ostrich approach" to
> knowledge acquisition? If you put your hands over your eyes, do you
> believe the rest of the world ceases to exist.

Wow! Okay, well .... hmmm... rather than get into a pissing match, I'll let you take the last punch ... too bad it was rather weak.

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