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From: Pablo Sanchez <pablo_at_dev.null>
Date: Wed, 12 Mar 2003 12:40:45 -0600
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"Lieut_Data" <> wrote in news:b4nt9j01n68

>> > Do I delete the entry from the table? Then what happens to the trouble
>> > ticket referring to it -- its stored keys now refers to a non-existent
>> > user/hardware.
>> >
>> > Or should I hard-code the information into each ticket regarding the
>> > user (I.e. dont use primary keys, but store "John" "Billcox" "IS/IT",
>> > etc..)
>> >
>> > Or should I not delete users/hardware at all? Just mark them
>> > "inactive", preventing them from showing up in the main list, where
>> > they are not used. But what if we want to use a username again, for a
>> > new employee?


>> When equipment is retired it should be removed from the
>> inventory, but you may wish to transfer the maintenance record
>> to a service history table so that you can run a statistical
>> analysis on failures and the required fixes.
> This, too, makes sense -- thanks for the insight!

I wouldn't move the data because it makes reporting tougher for the end-user: they need to pull from the active and the history tables. The DBMS can handle millions of rows in a table with no issue and report writers aren't cheap (compared to a DBMS! :)


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