Re: NextNumbers Tables

From: B. Hawes <>
Date: 11 Feb 2003 08:37:09 -0800
Message-ID: <>

> To be honest I could not give a monkeys if all my tables are fully
> normalised :-). If they do their job and it makes developing easier (=
> faster = less cost) the customer is happy and that is my job.

   Is correctness and data consistency a factor in keeping the customer happy? Are you expecting repeat business? Re-read the previous post and know your exposure, there are several ways to deal with it, correct business keys is just the best way, no one is going to notice the error for a good 6 months to a year and you'll be long gone it seems.

> So from this respect would it be better to use surrogate keys as primary keys?

  Still no

> No offence intended. It has just been drummed into me that it is better to
> get something working sooner rather than working on all the theory, and I
> have seen this in practice: ppl who sit + wonder about all the theory tend
> to take far longer to deliver projects if at all.

  Your choices are fast or correct, you decide, I'm sure no one here will be offended. It's not an issue of implementing some beautiful bule sky theory stuff for the sake of artistic value. Do you skip validating user input fields and checking return codes too? Received on Tue Feb 11 2003 - 17:37:09 CET

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