Re: double linked list

From: --CELKO-- <>
Date: 3 Feb 2003 14:17:35 -0800
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>> Is not that my boss wouldn't pay for training. It is just that I
can't take an endless steep learning curve. It is not just SQL I have to learn to get my job done, there other areas as well. <<

I know I am preaching to church chorus, but there is too much of this happening right now. Nobody can be an expert in a dozen different languages, environments, etc. and do a good job. There are enough unemployed geeks on the market that companies ought to be able to rent the expertise they need if they are not willing to take the time to do it right. You are already know this and I am jut ranting ...

>> What I realized, it is a totally different animal and it is amazing
what one can achieve with statements just a few lines long. I will teach myself up on that stuff. But it'll take time to sink in. <<

I estimate it takes about one year of full time SQL programming to "un-learn" procedural thinking and then some more time after that to get to be a good SQL programmer. The people who have the least problems are LISP programmers -- they are used to nesting functions on a data structure to get a result.

>> Keep care to not destroy it by cheaply bashing trademarks without
giving a clean argumentation. <<

I do the details in magazine columns <g>. Received on Mon Feb 03 2003 - 23:17:35 CET

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