Re: Sligthly OT:What is it?

From: Pablo Sanchez <pablo_at_dev.null>
Date: 29 Oct 2002 14:22:39 -0600
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Darek Adamkiewicz <> wrote in news:3DBEED05.4040807

> Hello folks
> This is sligthly OFF TOPIC but ...
> I wrote perl module which allows to store/manage data. The data is
> organized in associated tables, for each table record structure
> (fields, and something like one-to-many relation if needed) is
> defined. There are methods to define data structure, to
> append/update, get, delete, count records of ... what? I has some
> ease of handling, it allows to groups/associate data, but is
> terribly slow (especially on Win32 platform). May I call this
> database? This is not retorical question because I'd like to publish
> may work on the Internet, and I'd like find the most descriptive
> name for it. I thought of LazyDB or DummyDB or ... Or perhaps there
> is a better entry to describe this.

Call it a rolodex! :)

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