Re: which softeware can create database?

From: Leandro Guimar„es Faria Corsetti Dutra <>
Date: Fri, 25 Oct 2002 15:33:46 +0200
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Jan.Hidders wrote:

> In article , Leandro Guimar„es Faria Corsetti Dutra wrote:

>> Finarfin wrote:
>>> Oracle, MS SQL, Access, Paradox, MySQL, PostgreSQL, SAP db, MSQL,
>>> etc.
>> Wrong.  These are SQL DBMSs.  The only RDBMS in the market is
>> Alphora Dataphor.

> Indeed. The meaning of the term is determined by how people use the
> term and not by you.

        Wrong. Without precise meaning, there's no communication, at any rate not at c.d.*theory*.

        BTW, MySQL isn't even a SQL DBMS. It's not SQL and not a DBMS, but almost on both counts.

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