Re: Spatial Databases

From: stu <>
Date: Thu, 24 Oct 2002 09:26:43 +0100
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> First, that the person you are flaming hasn't
> already done that.

If he had looked that up they would be met with a good amount of info on this topic. If they read any of that I would think their questions would be a little more specific than "What are they..."

>Second that the person knows which of the 506,000
> returns are gold and which are crap.

The top (and only) 3 I read have some good info.

> Perhaps the OP was looking for
> some constructive advice on where to go rather than a dump of
> everything available.

Fair enough.

I was not trying to piss this guy off. I went to look up info to see if I could help/answer any of his questions. I found what I though was a good intro to the topic in the 1st 3 hits google came back with. I offered this info to Ian.

No 'flaming' or disrespect to Ian or Finarfin intended.

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