rewrite a RIGHT JOIN

From: Dan <>
Date: 11 Oct 2002 01:35:02 -0700
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Hello Everybody,

        Here is my problem: I have an SQL query that works fine on DB2, but I need a query that produces the same results to work on MySql also. My DB2 query uses a RIGHT JOIN that is unsupported by MySql.

        How should I rewrite my query ? Thank you in advance !

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Here is the DB2 query:

	   PM.Id, PM.Name, PT_M.PrmTheme_Id 
	 PromoTheme PT 
	JOIN PrmTheme_Mecanism PT_M ON 

(PT_M.PrmTheme_Id=PT.Id) AND (PT.Id= ?)
RIGHT JOIN PromoMecanism PM ON
WHERE PM.Sty_Id= ?
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