Re: Normalization, Natural Keys, Surrogate Keys

From: Ed Prochak <>
Date: Fri, 31 May 2002 10:48:18 GMT
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Kai Ponte wrote:
> Bernard Peek <> wrote in message news:<>...
> > In message <>, Kai Ponte
> > I would probably also drop the RowID column because it adds complexity
> > without adding functionality. The compound key created from the SSN and
> > Error columns is small enough that it wouldn't create any real
> > performance problems.
> See, I always hated those compound keys. I like to keep things simple
> and I believe just the opposite - having RowID as my primary key for
> every table is much more simple and removes complexity. Having one of
> those compund keys that you always read about in the DBMS manuals and
> textbooks is too complex for my simple brain.
> It is funny, acutally. I took four classes in database design and
> management while doing my MBA in the early 90's. I never could see
> why I wasn't comfortable with the theories of using compound primary
> keys. Once I started using RowID as my primary key, my database
> designs became much cleaner and easier.
> KP

And with that training do you at least see that you transformed a relational database into a Network model database? It is not really simpler. And when you get into problems with duplicates and other data integrity issues, you have to go back to those compound keys to solve it. But trust me, it won't be pretty.


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