Re: Who yields - client or developer? Your opinion

From: Graham Bellamy <>
Date: Fri, 24 May 2002 03:23:54 +1000
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"Tom Ellison" <> wrote in message
> Dear Graham:
> The client is NOT always right, but it is important that he always thinks you think he
> right.
> In this case, it's not all that bad. Choose one standard unit of measure, perhaps
> Put this and all other units of measure the client wants to use in a single column of a
> for "UnitsOfMeasure". In a second column, put a complete conversion formula by which
> L/Sq.m. given some value for the area, say a variable named "MeasuredUnits", such as:
> UnitsOfMeasure Formula
> L/Sq.m MeasuredUnits
> Sq.m/L 1 / MeasuredUnits
> kg/Sq.m MeasuredUnits * LitersPerKg
> You may need additional conversion factors such as the LitersPerKg above in order to be
> to make the conversion. If you don't have them, then you must leave the result in Kg
> of L. If so, add another column to the table that shows the units of the result.
> Even though the Formula is a string, you can Eval(Formula) to get the number you need.
> will use the value in the variable "MeasuredUnits" and do the calculation. Pretty neat,

Well, it *would* be neat, if it could work in Query expressions. I've just been playing around with it and reading the help. It seems it works in forms, reports, macros and modules, but not in query expressions. WTH not? And not only that, when using it in calculated controls on forms, and making reference to other controls on the form, you have to use the entire forms!formname!controlname, instead of simply controlname. Well that's a bit tedious, but I guess at least it works. But I really want it in a calculated expression in a query, so that any form may utilise the value.

I dunno, maybe I haven't used it correctly. I tried 1/[Rate], 1/[tblRates].[Rate]
I was a little puzzled why it wouldn't even accept me!controlname when calculating it on a form.

Any suggestions?
Graham Received on Thu May 23 2002 - 19:23:54 CEST

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