A Thesaurus-based Search Engine for Images: Request for Comment

From: abracad <abracad_at_no.hotmail.spam.com>
Date: Sat, 01 Sep 2001 21:33:22 GMT
Message-ID: <3b91541e.6362269_at_news.btinternet.com>

A model is suggested for a thesaurus-based search engine for images. The model may be found at http://www.finnis.fsnet.co.uk/ae.htm

Your comments are invited and should be sent to the e-mail address published on the site.

Photography on the Web, a critical review of contemporary web development principles, tools and techniques as applied to the design and implementation of an online photographic library, may be found at http://www.finnis.fsnet.co.uk/index.htm Received on Sat Sep 01 2001 - 23:33:22 CEST

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