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Date: Thu, 16 Nov 2000 21:38:05 GMT
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> I am creating a very simple addressbook database, but I have some
 ideas about
> normalization that I am not entirely sure about.

I'm using

  • looks up in tblCommunicationMethods
  • could be home phone, email, web-site etc. CommunicationInfo - the actual number or address

I do end up needing things like qryHomePhones, qryFaxes, to pull out only those numbers I want.

I've been experimenting with something else interesting: I have a table of streetprefixes (N, S, E, W, etc.) Streetnames, and streetsuffixes (Rd., Ave., Circ, St. etc). Both prefixes and suffixes tables have both a long field, such as Road or Avenue, and a short version, depending on how small your label is etc.

I also do a lookup to zipcode to enter the city, state or province, and country, which is a bit problematic when I don't know the overseas zipcodes.

I now want to convert another database to using my normalized Communications. However, the second database has separate entity tables (patients, doctors, therapists etc) while the first one has one Entities table which includes people, companies etc. (There is also a tblRelationships consisting of:
RelatedTo (another PeopleID)
RelationshipTYpe (Look up to tblRelationshiptypes).

The database is something I use in my own home business, so I felt free to experiment. I would not use it for a client until I'm sure it doesn't overcomplicate the queries etc....

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