Re: Identifying Relationships - Help!

From: Alan <>
Date: 2000/05/18
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You need one more table:

Consults(ConsultID*, PatientID*)

Join the other tables to this one.

Zap wrote in message <8g09pd$1f5o$>...
>Hello there,
>I have a question about Relationships.
>take this example:-
>A consultant be shared by many patients and a patient can see
>many consultants. Is this a M:N relationship? If so, then when I
>create these relations in access:
>Consultant (ConsultID*, Name, PatientID)
>Patient (PatientID*, Name)
>And take the join across Access creates a 1:M join. Am I
>misunderstanding something fundamental here? I know that in
>order to model a m:n relation I need a junction table, but as an
>experiement I tried the above join in relation and Access created
>the 1:M join. Am I effectively modelling the situation, or does there
>exist only a 1:M relationship between these two entities or am I
>right in thinking there is a M:N relationship.
>Thanks in advance
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