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Date: Tue, 27 Jun 2006 18:52:39 +0200
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Hi, I am looking for a tool to document and maintain a large data model (500 tables).
Oracle Designer used to be the tool of choice for this sort of thing. But given the investment of effort we will be making, and the future of Designer, it is not the tool of choice for new applications.

Can you recommend an alternative tool?
Our requirements are:

- Document tables, indexes, views etc

  • generate DDL
  • Create diagrams
  • consolidate model with database

- Version control (preferably file-based, se we can use Subversion)

  • generate reports (e.g. table listing including descriptions)
  • command-line driven generation of DDL scripts (for inclusion in daily build process)
  • generate consolidation scripts (alter table ..)
  • multi-user capability (simultaneous edits on different objects)

- Support for PL/SQL objects. We will maintain these in separate files

Suggestions please?
I'm especially interested whether anyone thinks that jDeveloper fits this bill.

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