Re: Which oracle server ?

From: Christopher Jung <>
Date: Sun, 12 Dec 2004 22:21:58 GMT
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Given the specification of your machine, you probably won't be doing anything that absolutely requires partitioning and can probably live without other Enterprise only features.
Standard Edition One looks like it may be suitable to me. You mentioned one application... is it a batch job, client server, or web app? How many total users? How many con-current users? It would be appropriate to verify with Oracle that your usage will fall within limits of Standard Edition One license. Also, Redhat Linux 9 isn't a certified operating system. Fine for development, but for production you need some certified os, because Oracle says so.
Marketing-wise Oracle recommends you get Redhat Enterprise. In practice Suse seems to actually be more co-opertaive in getting Oracle installed and working.
10g installs pretty easily on Red Hat Enterprise 3 though.

"Murtix Van Basten" <> wrote in message news:41b72ea1$
> Hi all,
> I will deploy a database project to an Oracle server, but I could not
> figure out which version of Oracle should I get. Here is my configuration:
> Hardware:
> Dell 1750 Dual Xeon 3.2Ghz, 2GB Ram, 3x36GB Hdd on Raid 5
> Operating System: Redhat Linux 9
> I will deploy only 1 database for the application. Only 1 DBA will use the
> Oracle server when necessary. When the database once deployed, Only 1
> application will reach it to read and write data. There will not be any
> other database in the server. The server will be used for only this
> nothing else.
> From Oracle's website, I see there are Enterprise, Standard and Standard
> level of purchasing options. In this case, which should I go with ?
> Thank you for answers.
> Murtix Van Basten.
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