Re: Need help to understand difference, and contrast between Relational database model and the Object-Oriented model

From: Anthony W. Youngman <>
Date: Sun, 14 Dec 2003 22:31:17 +0000
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In article <i6KBb.11541$>, Corey Brown <> writes
>> Because it is evident for anybody with a grasp on data management.
> This is exactly the type of answer that I would expect from somebody
> like Bob B. Why must you guys always answer direct questions with
> inappropriate remarks like this. If you have the knowledge and the
> ability to express that knowledge to others, why don't you take a
> few minutes out to lay down some cold hard facts, instead of just
> telling us to go educate ourselves? Why can't you step up to the
> role of teacher and start explaining why you "think" one technology
> is better than another?

The trouble with those people is that they think mathematics *determines* the world. They seem incapable of understanding that mathematics is only of any use when it *describes* the world.

If you're talking SCIENCE, then the big fly in the ointment with using maths to describe the world is h, the planck constant. As I see it, the relational database people simply ASSUME that there is no equivalent to h as far as data is concerned. Experience says that an equivalent probably does exist.


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