Re: Need help to understand difference, and contrast between Relational database model and the Object-Oriented model

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Date: Fri, 12 Dec 2003 23:04:07 -0500
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> > And you would have a lot to win with a good RDBMS which allows wide
> > physical independence. You would have the same performance or better,
> > ad-hoc queries and the rest of the advantages of The Relational Model.
> > That is what I am trying to say all the time.
> I am surprised you let the suggestion he lost only one thing stand
> unchallenged. Given there is no difference between an ad hoc query and a
> well-formed formula, he lost the ability to express integrity. Given there
> is no difference between an ad hoc query and a view or snapshot
> he lost the ability to derive additional views of the data with the
> concomitant loss of logical independence. He lost simplicity. He lost
> elegance. He lost portability. He lost the ability to benefit from real
> advances to the state of the art of data management.

    I guess real world experience just doesn't cut it with you guys. I clearly

    said that the RDBMS that we were using, was just not up to the task!     And BTW, it was the best RDBMS available at the time. Yes I can see     Bob's point that we lost a lot of things, but I was still responsible for meeting

    the requirement and because of the highly specialized nature of the application,

    we never missed the other attributes that Bob mentioned.

    Don't get me wrong. I am not an ODBMS bigot. There are just certain applications

    that are better served by using an ODBMS. This happened to be one of them.

    It was highly specialized, had a very complex data model and we used OO technology

    to build the applications business logic. All of which lend themselves very well to

    the use of an ODBMS as a persistent store.

> > > > And your belief is based on ignorance and inaccurate information.
> > >
> > > Let's lose the whole "ignorance" thing ok?
> >
> > Why?
> >
> > Which euphemism do you like?

    Ok Alfredo, I can see now that there's just going to be no talking to you

    or Bob on any sort of adult level.

> The power to lose the whole ignorance thing remains solely in his hands.
> lose it, he need only learn the fundamentals of his profession. He could
> start by opening a good book.

    Bob i've read more then my share of good books in the areas that most     interest me and are important to my profession. Datasbase technology     just happens to be one small subset of a much larger whole that I have     to take into account on each project that I take part in.

> > > We are all ignorant about a
> > > great many things
> >
> > Indeed, so there isn't anything insultant in the term.

    There is if you keep liberally spreading the term throughout your responses.

    Read Bob response to your response. I think he actually managed to use     the word "ignorant" in every single sentence he wrote.

> >
> > >, but you don't hear me calling you ignorant because
> > > you
> > > can't build jet engines do you?
> >
> > I am utter ignorant about aeronautics and many other things, If you
> > say I am ignorant about aeronautics or bulgarian literature for
> > instance, I would agree without any problem.
> The big differenc between you and Corey is you do not pretend to know
> aeronautics or bulgarian literature and you do not make public
> pronouncements or suggestions on either topic.

    Bob, have you ever added anything worth reading to this forum? I've     been a long time silent reader of this forum and I can't remember when     I have ever read anything even mildly useful in any of your posts. In fact,

    I know that if I open one of your posts i'm going to see snide remarks     and personal attacks and no meaningful content. The whole thing with the     f*^k you response was priceless. You're burning your bridges before     you're even getting to them. Seek help Bob, seek help.

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