Re: Storing/retrieving BLOBs with JSPs

From: Andrew Thompson <>
Date: Thu, 11 Dec 2003 18:35:08 GMT
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"Ryan Stewart" <> wrote in message
> I am in extremely urgent need (by tomorrow)

As it happens, I don't care - you are not paying me enough.

And in future, please do not cross-post
so widely. You are not that important,
trust me.

>..of a way to store files in and

> retrieve files from an Oracle database using TopLink as an intermediary. I
> have the JSPs for it,

Good for you. Just how do you expect
others to debug them for you? Telepathy?

>..and it works for small files, but larger ones like
> Word documents and Excel Spreadsheets give an error saying that the data
> too large for the field.

What field?

>..Can anyone help with this?

The only thing this absolute server-side noob can suggest to somebody that does not supply code, for free, is..

Maybe you are 'getting' the data rather than posting it. ..but..

>..Our file object has a
> fileData field which is an array of bytes which is mapped in TopLink to
> BLOB field of the database. As I said, it works for very small files like
> small GIF image, but with larger ones, I believe the error number is
> a database error.

That number sounds too large, I thought 'get's were limited to much smaller sizes than that.

>..I'm sorry I don't have any more details, but I don't have
> access to the project at the moment.

See first comment.

>..Any solutions/help/nudges in the right
> direction are greatly appreciated

The ones I have to give, you've got..

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