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From: <mcstock>
Date: Wed, 3 Dec 2003 07:15:32 -0500
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not sure if your plan is the best approach -- you might not last too long as a new dba if you prevent users from selecting or updating data they just entered

however, if you feel there's a legitimate case for making a table 'insert-only' (kind of like one of those black hole neutron star thingies) you would have to do it via table privileges, not via the lock statement

i would suggest that you elaborate on the problem that you are trying to solve so that posters can suggest alternative approaches to accomplishing your goals

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| Hi,
| recently, i was assigned as a new dba for our system. I found that my
| statistic keep change from time to table. To look for the cause, i
| wanna to lock a table, means only allow user to insert. Others than
| that, noway.
| Can i use the Lock table command? or others comand?
| p/s: we are using 9i client and 6i developer
| regards,
| Lee Cho
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