Reply: Replication Of Oracle 9i in RH9

From: Cherrish Vaidiyan <>
Date: 2 Dec 2003 20:44:15 -0800
Message-ID: <>

Frank <> wrote in message news:<bqgb99$a04$>...
> Cherrish Vaidiyan wrote:
> > Hello,
> >
> > I have certain doubts regarding replication of Oracle 9i in Red Hat
> > Linux 9.
> >
> > 1) I want to implement asynchronous/synchronous multimaster
> > replication.I have heard about Replication Management Tool in OEM.
> > What are the steps to be taken initailly for using Replication
> > Management Tool ?
> >
> What - synchronous or async?
> The OEM RMT helps setting up a replication environment. Point-and-shoot,
> basically.
> > 2) I have heard of certain steps
> >
> > - Setup users, DB Links and schedules for Oracle Advanced
> > Replication
> >
> > - Define replication groups with replication objects
> >
> > - Remove replication support from database
> >
> > - Monitor replication status, sites and groups.
> >
> > Can anyone tell if for is the steps above are in order? If so, is
> > there any scripts to perform the above steps or do I have to use SQL
> > commands one bye one (for user creation, giving previlege)?
> Yes - if you want to (I am all for that, and not for using OEM RMT)
> >
> > 3) Do anyone have the scripts or configuration procedure, who can
> > share with me.
> >
> Would be of little value, as your situation will not be mine, your
> tables will be different, your requirement different, etc, etc, etc.
> There are wonderful examples -scripts included- in the replication
> manuals.
> > 4) Can anyone help me with the reference books which can help a
> > beginner like me to learn and implement all replications based on
> > situation? (I have got the concept,types,architecture through the
> > internet but I need to know what procedure to follow in SQL commands).
> See (or, look for the replication
> manuals - yes, plural!
> Not one of the easiest fields for a beginner, though.


I want to implement replication by means of SQL commamnd prompt.Can u help me with the sample script that you own.I can change the schema, tables according to my need...Here is my situation of replication requirement...

I have 3 systems with RH 9. A database of Oracle 9i is to be replicated in the 3 pc.
I thought of Synchronous replication first where a change made once in a database is updated immediately in all the rest. but the drawback is that if 1 database server is down the update wont work ie it will rollback.but it wont have any conflicst if all servers are up.

But, I dont want rollback situation. So I want to implement Asynchronous replication which means that a change made will be stored initally as deferred transaction (I think v can set time for updates say for 2 seconds; every 2 sec cache and database will be updated...but i dont know the paramaeter to set)and later updated in all database.I know in such case I know in that case i have to handle conflicts (that the second phase). but wont check if all the database servers are up.

Hope u have understood my need and would help me ...pls reply regards,
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