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From: <mcstock>
Date: Tue, 2 Dec 2003 08:35:58 -0500
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"Alan Cobban" <> wrote in message
| Hi,
| I'm currently trying to run a SQL trace for a SQL*PLUS session and run
| the resulting output file through tkprof.
| Using the command -
| I get a trace file on the UNIX server in the udump directory. The
| problem is that the permissions on this file are 750 for the oracle
| user (dba group). As I do not have access to the oracle user or a
| user which is part of the dba group I cannot view the file.
| Can these files be sent to another location (such as the client PC's
| C: drive) or to the same location with different permissions without
| changing Oracle's database parameters (such as _TRACE_FILES_PUBLIC or
| Thanks,
| Alan.


as far as i know, no -- but it is possible to determine the name of the file based on the user's session, and it would be possible to configure UTL_FILE to have access to the UDUMP directory (security is an issue here -- i'm sure we'll get some good,bad&ugly posts elaborating on that) and write a PL/SQL procedure to read the file and spool it to a local file

i've done the first (identify the trace file name based on the session) and i know there're samples out there somewhere i've not done the second, but might just give it a shot prove it out

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