Beware of "special Oracle training offers" from Oraknowledge and Ed Haskins

From: tatran <>
Date: Fri, 10 Oct 2003 06:39:42 -0400
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My name is Tim from Australia. I have the same problem with Oraknowledge and Ed Haskins and his bunch, and their "over-order Oracle CDs" scam.

My credit card was charged on 2 Sept. I received an email to say that my order will be received within 7-10 days. One month later nothing came so I emailed to ask. No response. I sent an email a week later as a followup.  No response. I sent an email again yesterday to Miranda and EdHaskins as well as their sales email addresses. Still no response. Interestingly Edhaskins mailbox bounced to say that his quota is over the limit (probably from the many unhappy customers who have not received their orders).

So before you part with your hard earn cash, think whether it's worth the risk with a company that has a blatant lack of customer service and an arrogant attitude.

My suggestion for those not receiving their orders is to file a complain to the visa card provider through which their order transaction took place, the New Jersey local authorities, their consumer groups, as well as all the technical forums they know.

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