Re: Unsigned integer to IP address?

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Date: 8 Oct 2003 11:00:54 -0700
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> > Inside the OS an IP# is just a 32-bit integer.
> > It is typically represented in what is called "dottted-quad" notation.
> > This means that each 8-bit byte (0-255) represents one of the 4 numbers
> > displayed. So you need to "convert" the large decimal number into the
> > appropriate ONE & ZERO, group them into four 8 bits bytes & the convert
> > those four values back to decimal (Small Matter Of Programming [SMOP]).
> Ana, Thank you! Now the question is how do I do that? Or, where can I
> find info, any books or articles you can recommend?
> Thanks,
> Monica

Your initial quest was about loading it into the DB and then displaying it later. Have you yet chosen what datatype to store it in: VARCHAR, CHAR, INTEGER, BLOB? You need the format for input via SQL*Loader You need the format desired for display (this might be the default if you choose the datatype well)
You may need the format for programs (PERL, C, PL/SQL) to use

The books I'd recommend are the oracle manuals. Basically your questions are too vague to warrant a more precise answer.

Since you said you did get it to load some data but it did "look right", how about showing us the code you've tried so far. That would certainly show a little better what your problem is.

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