Re: SQL*ReportWriter

Date: 24 Oct 1994 14:39:32 GMT
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In <> (William Mariasoosai) writes:

> I just installed my SQL*ReportWriter on my PC. This is
>version 1.1 of Oracle Version 6.
> When I tried to use it as DBA SYSTEM/MANAGER, I typed
>the command
> sqlrep SYSTEM/MANAGER at the dos prompt. I got the following
>error message
> ORACLE error occured.
> Error during connect-3121.
>I consulted the Error reference manual. But, I could not get any help
>Could some one help me with this problem.
> Thank you in advance.
>Bill Mariasoosai.

I think through the admin option, you must authorise the user to use reportwriter. Then only, the user can use the reportwriter.

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