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berli_at_swi>Now the question: How much functionality should be implemented in stored
berli_at_swi>procedures, and how much should be left in SQL*Forms? Immediate validation
berli_at_swi>of an entered field value is probably better in SQL*Forms than evaluating an
berli_at_swi>entire form by e.g. one of the mentioned procedures.

berli_at_swi>Has anyone else also thought about these problems, and what are possible
berli_at_swi>solutions? What are your (practical) experiances?

Martin -

Essentially, any function that properly belongs in the kernel (e.g., security or complex referenctial integrity), or applications-type functions that are likely to be shared across apps (or even modules of the same app), will produce better performance if implemented in the kernel. PL/SQL under V7 lets you make client-server decisions in principle and implemnt them without having to compromise (at least in this area).

hth -


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