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Date: 30 Dec 1993 17:15:05 -0500
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Wait a sec - UNO - is that a server or a pizzeria? :-)

saltz_at_cwi>I am looking for anyone that has knowledge or experience with tools or
saltz_at_cwi>libraries that are available that access Oracle from C++. I would like to
saltz_at_cwi>avoid having to write ProC and compiling it separate from my C++ code. I am
saltz_at_cwi>working on an RS6000/AIX with Oracle 7.0.

Many people have used Pro*C tom embed SQL in C++; however, that is obviously not an object-oriented approach. I keep an eye on this market (I'm a DBA in an RS/6000 shop) and have not yet seen one. This strikes me as unusual - I have seen them in the OS/2 and Windows worlds. If you feel like investigating, start with TechGnosis, in Boca Raton, FL. They publish class libraries for a number of languages and relational databases. If they don't support AIX, they may have an idea who does.

Also, see if you can post to CompuServe, in the Oracle forum (GO ORACLE). I'll try to remeber to do so next time I'm on.

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