Re: OPS$ in Oracle6

From: Tommy Wareing <>
Date: 14 Dec 1993 12:49:45 -0600
Message-ID: <>

Henry Ford ( wrote:

> I have started to use the OPS$ technique to add users to the ORACLE6
> system and have run into a problem. Part of my forms system calls a
> .sql file to construct another sql file and run it. The username is
> selected from sys.dual for identification purposes and is passed to
> the file with the &1 parameter e.g.

> 'select '||'''&1'''||',

> etc.

> This was fine until I tried the OPS$username, when all that gets passed
> is OPS. So far I have failed to get the username passed, or even
> OPS$username, which would be sufficient for identification.
> Any help from out there would be gratefully acknowledged !

Is the string OPS$whatever going to the system command line at any point? I'd guess you're using UNIX, and the $whatever is seen as a non-existant environment varable.

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