Re: Oracle SQL*Net <==> TCP/IP over Novell IPX/SPX !!??

From: John Navitsky <>
Date: Wed, 16 Sep 1992 05:41:04 GMT
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In article <> (John M. Ritter) writes:
>We have Novell networks using Token Ring cards and UNIX machines on an
>Ethernet network. One Novell server has both a Token Ring and Ethernet
>card. Using the LAN support packet driver, a DOS workstation on the
>Novell network can telnet to the UNIX hosts.
>Now the problem:
>We must set up a machine running Oracle, and the DOS workstations must
>use SQL*Net. We prefer a UNIX machine with Oracle, but were told the
>only way the connection can be made is to either add an ethernet card
>to each DOS workstation or run LAN Workplace for DOS on each
>Anyone know if this is true? I have a hunch that perhaps Oracle on
>UNIX may not be the right decision since this could turn in to a
>connection nightmare for the anticipated 200+ machines.

I'm a bit confused. Does this mean you need client-server between your Unix system and DOS systems? What are your objectives? What do you gain from this set up? (curious, not critesising - however you spell it)

>Any thoughts, comments, nightmares or anecdotes would be appreciated!
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