Re: SQL*Report ... how to print detail records across

From: Thierry Lach <thierry_at_curlie.UUCP>
Date: Thu, 03 Sep 92 23:25:00 EDT
Message-ID: <Do5JqB1w164w_at_curlie.UUCP> (Gv Fragante) writes:

> I have a master/detail relationship which I have to print in the following
> ways:
> - master records print downwards
> - detail records print across each master record and *must* be on the same li
> For example, I have the following master records and corresponding details
> American Cars Ford
> GM
> Chrysler
> Japanese Cars Honda
> Toyota
> Mazda
> German Cars Mercedes
> Audi
> So in my report output, it should look like this:
> American Cars Ford, GM, Chrysler
> Japanese Cars Honda, Toyota, Mazda
> German Cars Mercedes, BMW, Audi
> I have come close to achieveing this but the problem is that the detail recor
> are printed below the master record. This is not quite what I need.
> The reason why I need this output format is because the data will be imported
> into an Excel spreadsheet wherein one Excel row will contain one Oracle maste
> *AND* it's details. BTW, the max number of details in my situation is 6, so I
> not worried about the variable length of the SQL*Report width.
> Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Let's take this one step further. I want to be able to do this...

master det det det det det det

          det det det
master det det det

etc. There are from one to unlimited details per master. Details are summarized (if that really matters...). Received on Fri Sep 04 1992 - 05:25:00 CEST

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