Re: Oracle Report using printer code

From: Malcolm Dew-Jones <>
Date: 11 Mar 2009 12:29:47 -0700
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: Dear All, I wish to send printer code to epson lq 590 to print the
: barcode using the printer built-in barcode font. How would I do that
: in report ?

: Thanks.

[Quoted] Never used this myself, but a Field has two properties called "Printer Code Before" and "Printer Code After".

I think you push the escape sequences of the printer into them.

So, for example, if <ESC>[F3 turns on font 3 (that's a made up sequence, and also I am pretending 3 is the barcode font), then put those 4 bytes into "Before". Then those bytes are send just before the value is sent and the value will print in the barcode font.

How to get the escape sequence? Perhaps as follows: Read the printer manual (the easy part). Then use some editor that allows you to control what bytes you use. Then cut and paste that string into the property.

If your editor doesn't give you that kind of control, then perhaps something like perl -e "print chr(27),chr(1),chr(2)" > temp.tmp, then use notepad to open that file and cut/paste the contents into the field.

  • All guess work, having never done this myself. --
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