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Date: Thu, 8 Nov 2007 10:09:26 +0100
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> DA Morgan wrote:
>> Lee wrote:
>>> I've sent email from pl/sql with utl_smtp and with 10g's utl_mail; but
>>> now I want to do the inverse, i.e. I want to READ email from pl/sql.
>>> The idea is to set up a dedicated email account. Users could send
>>> stereotyped messages to that account, and the pl/sql routine would read
>>> the mail, parse the messages and do the needful.
>>> As far as I can tell, utl_mail will send, but not receive email.
>>> I can think of some Rube Golberg workarounds but can anyone point the
>>> way to a "no fuss" way to read simple text emails?
>>> Thanks in advance
>> If you think it is a good idea to send emails, across the web, from
>> some Microsoft Outlook client directly into an Oracle database I am sure
>> we can recommend a good 12 step program for you.
> As you yourself point out, the email winds up as data somwhere; so why
> would it be worse to send email to an automated agent than sending email
> to a human agent or just reading an input file as data?
> Why would reading email to drive a script from inside a stored procedure
> be more dangerous than running a static batch script or a script that
> takes input from a human or from a data file?
> I assume you're concerned about sql injection attacks or maybe some sort
> of spam and/or spoofing, or even an attempt to "flood" the system a la
> DDOS attacks?
> Maybe I'm not being sufficiently imaginative or paranoid, but I cant see
> how the sort of scheme I'm thinking of is more dangerous than crossing the
> street. Everybody and his uncle has a listserv that runs on commands sent
> in by email, so why is that setting off alarm bells?
> I can use an http callout to get data from anywhere on the planet. There
> are "rest"-full web services, and SOAP interfaces and all sorts of ways to
> have all kinds of heaven-knows-what get presented as input. A routine that
> parses stereotyped email messages and deliveres canned reports in response
> seems pretty benign.
> Or am I living in a fools paradise?
>> Incoming emails are stored somewhere. Find the location. Read them using
>> anything from UTL_FILE to whatever.
> My Oracle server is running on a different box from my email server, so
> the trick is to get the data from the mail server to the oracle box.
> If I dont mind having more moving parts, there are plenty of ways to get
> from there to here; but I was hoping for something with "no fuss, no muss
> and no bother". Reading email seemed to fill the bill until
> I realize that I dont seem to have a slick way to make that happen.
> Maybe something in Java running in the database?
> Of course there is that proverb about the relative velocity of fools and
> fearful angels, so tell me more about why I could be stepping off a cliff
> here.

[Quoted] Back in the nineties, Oracle used to have a product called Oracle Mail, which was able to receive email (and yes: in the database). It became part of Oracle Interoffice (which died some years later). Don't know if it's still around as a product, but it is stil there as a part of Oracle Collaboration Suite (able to receive mail in the database). I had a customer who installed Coll. Suite for this purpose solely: they wanted to be able to start processes based on email.
Installing OCS is quite a fuss, keeping it running even more, but it may be worth a try. You'll have to pay for it, though. Oracle Interconnect had an SMTP adapter (but that was in 2001). We never got it working, iirc it could not handle attachments.Could be part of BPEL now (does someone know?).

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